Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dominican Republic Trip Journal Part 1

This weekend I went to the Dominican Republic. This was my first trip to the island of Hispaniola and I couldn't have been more excited. Since I was without internet access, I wrote in my journal each day. Thanks to my iPod, each day had a specific soundtrack or musical theme that kind of framed the moment. The next few posts will be directly from my journal. I hope you enjoy them.
Song: One is The Magic Number/Jill Scott
Scene: I'm flying miles above the clouds. Below is only turquoise water as far as my eyes can see out of this little airplane window. Coming up, I see the lush green landscape of the island.
On my mind: Food. I'm starving. The airline gave us breakfast sandwiches, but by this time at home I would already be on my second meal.
Arrival: The airport in Punta Cana is basically a large hut. There are no external walls and there is a thatched roof. When you get off the plane, you walk down the portable stairs on the tarmac and across the plane parking lot to the 'building'. There are women in varying shades of brown dressed up in what appears to be Mexican outfits. Maybe it's their Taino roots they're channelling.

The hotel is beautiful. We stayed at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace. They too have a very open floor plan. The rooms are clustered in different pastel colored buildings. It looks like a very nice garden style condo community. There is a sprawling pool and many restaurants to choose from with our all-inclusive plan. And then there's the beach. Just steps away. I stole away from the crew to have a few minutes alone with nature and snap the pic above.

The weather was very warm, about 84 degrees, although the day of our arrival it was slightly overcast.

To be continued...

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