Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dominican Republic Trip Journal Part 7

Soundtrack - Kingdom Come - Jay Z

On Sunday all I did was veg out some more on the beach then by the pool. I got up a little bit later, but, still managed to get in my walk along the beach. The weather was really warm, at least 85 degrees. Today, we went in search of water activities. Unfortunately, the water was too choppy to go out in the little boats, so, we returned to the pool.
The Dominican guy hit on me some more. And I let him. LOL It was a good and relaxing day. Tonight, we're going to the Mexican spot for dinner.
Fast Forward to Dinner Time: The food was good, although what I had was not necessarily Mexican. I had spare ribs. That was the first time this weekend that I cleaned my plate though. There was a guy in the restaurant that looks like he could've been an athlete. Maybe a baseball player. The people that worked there seemed to give him a lot of attention and some took pictures with him. Maybe I should go on over to to see if I see him.
To be continued...

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