Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is This Justice?

I've found yet another example of how fair our legal system is.

Michael Vick is getting the book thrown at him for hosting dog fights. While they are talking about letting Lindsay Lohan slide for those silly little cocaine possessions. WTF?? See, I told you all, the white female is valued above all else in our country.

Now, I get it. Dog fighting is bad. I have a dog and I would hate for something to happen to her. But, I also think she's a dog. She's not my child, we don't kiss on the lips, and if it came down to my family or her, the dog would have to go.

I also know that cocaine is a terrible drug. I know that girls that have boyfriends that sell crack can end up in jail for most of their lives (How many Kembas haven't gotten pardoned?). So, I just don't understand how when one person does a crime, he gets criminalized and loses his job and the powers that be seek to destroy his potential for future earnings. When another does something illegal she gets a ton of support from her colleagues emploring her to seek help and endorsement deals to get her back on track.

Oh wait, I do understand, when you're white, you're allowed to make mistakes. "No worries, just try not to let it happen again, ok?"

Read all about it in the link below. If this chick gets a measly 4 days in jail for getting caught with cocaine TWICE, I'm going to add her to my list of boycotted celebs. (Not that I was ever a huge fan anyway.)


Monday, August 20, 2007

Fran and Omar Get Married

If you're a fan of HBO's Mini Series The Corner and the critically acclaimed show The Wire, then you might be glad to know that Fran and the man who inspired the Omar character got married. Fran was the troubled heroine addict played by the black woman on CSI Miami and Omar is the ruthless gangster/stick up king from the Wire.

Read all about it...

I'm glad they seem to have changed their lives around.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

A young white British girl opened for Robin Thicke who opened for Beyonce. The girl, Katie, has a really soulful voice and great energy. She did about 3 or 4 songs. Robin Thicke has been touring for over a year now and it shows. His performance was soo much better than when he first started out. His voice was strong and clear. He performed most of the hits from his album and the crowd sang along with him for most of them.

Now here's the thing about the Beyonce Experience. Most of us have been exposed to it already. If you've seen her perform on an awards show, if you've watched the videos, you've experienced all that Beyonce has to offer. The great thing about her is that she never holds back. But, maybe that's also the curse. Live, you don't get anything that you haven't already gotten from her. There are no new dances, no unusual outfits, you've seen it all. I wish that wasn't the case.

If you're a fan, like me, this isn't a big deal. I was sitting close enough to the stage to see the little beads of sweat that formed on her face as she pranced on stage. For the frequently asked questions, here goes...Yes, she's as beautiful in person as she is on tv. Yes, her body is sick! I would say she's a very toned 6 or 8 at the most, which is still slim on her taller-than-the-average-woman frame.

We all know the girl can sing. There were no surprises there. One touch that I appreciated was how she segued from Dangerously In Love to Lyzell in e-flat. It was a nice touch and I'm sure she made Jill Scott proud. She toggled between her two solo albums and the Destiny's Child hits. We stood on our feet and sang along with everyone of them.

Beyonce's appeal was also evidenced by her audience, which included fans of every ethnic group. There were the cute black girls in the Freakum Dresses, the big girls, the abercrombie kids, the tatted up white rockers and the 'kids'. In our section, the Freakum Dresses got into a rumble with the big girls. I knew it was going to be a problem when this pretty petite girl in a dress barely long enough to cover her butt, decided to dance in the aisle. She obviously was feeling good and wanted to be seen. Well, the big girls did see her and they got tired of seeing her shaky her little booty in the aisle. Apparently she was told a few times to take her seat and get out of the aisle. One thing led to another and before I knew it, a crowd had formed around two women grabbing hair and slapping each other. It was crazy. The sad thing is that it took a while for security to come and break it up. It was really foul to see one of the big girl's friends run over to the brawl, land a punch on the cute girl and run back to her seat. That's just hate right there. The offending parties were escorted out of the section and we directed our focus back to the stage. I swear, you just can't take some people anywhere.

As for the concert, I had a great time. I feel like seeing her live was something I just had to do. I don't think I'll have to do it again though. Especially if she remains ever present on my tv.


Monday, August 13, 2007


The new Jill Scott song Hate on Me is FIRE!!!

This song has made it onto my workout playlist right next to Stronger. If you haven't heard it, check out her myspace. she has other songs from her upcoming album on there.

The beat on this song is just grimy. I have to pump my fist when I hear it.

Updated: Check out the live performance on the VSPOT

Thump Thump Thump




That's the only sound I hear and it's LOVELY. I'm floating on my back in the Atlantic Ocean. The water is calm and warm. I could just float like this for hours.




Water does it for me. Find what does it for you and free your mind.


Where Are My Bags?

"No...I haven't seen any bags come out yet."

"indistinguishable phone chatter"

"I'm waiting right here on the lower level. I guess they should be coming out soon."

"indistinguishable phone chatter"

Is this lady expecting her bags to come directly off the plane after her? Should I let her know what's up? What the heck..."Excuse me Ms. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Baggage Claim is downstairs."

"indistinguishable phone chatter"

"Hold on, honey."

"Huh?" She said while turning to me.

"Baggage claim is down one level." I said to the woman.

She turned to speak into the phone again, "I'll just wait right here for you to come."

"My bags are downstairs?" She asked me with a confused look on her face.

"Yes, ma'am. And your family can not meet you here. They will need a boarding pass to get beyond security. "

"Honey, let me call you back." She ended her call.

With a worried look on her face, "Now where do I go for my bags?"

"Just follow the signs that read 'Baggage Claim'. You must go down one level. Your family can meet you there."

Rushes off. "Oh thank you so much."

"You're welcome."

Poor lady. This senior citizen travelling alone was waiting for her bags at the departure gate. She would've been waiting there all day.

Good deed for today? Check!


It's Time to Go!

So, I'm standing at my gate waiting for my plane to depart. This flight terminates in Turks & Caicos. I wish I were going there, but I guess Miami and the Keys will have to do. And so begins Part Deux of my Trip to Miami Joural.

This sequel begins with Method Man. Yep, Meth! As I'm watching the passengers de-plane, I see one guy that looks familiar. Then, I realize that he looks just like Method Man. My mind's jukebox instantly pulls out that Meth/Mary collaboration that we all love. As the guy files by me, I realize that he's not Meth...but, he's absolutely talking to Meth! The first guy had to be his brother. Swathed in 80s gold chains, beard well groomed, really tall and surprisingly clean cut, is the man himself. Then, I see, Raekwon - shorter and bucktoothed and definately round, Rza, Gza, then my favorite Pretty Tony comes out behind them.

Tommy Mattola,
lives on the road,
He lost his lady,
two months ago
Maybe he'll find her,
maybe he won't
Oh wonder that love
The Wu was definately in the building! I have no idea why they were in town, but, it was cool seeing them up close like that. They look just like they do on TV, only better groomed. The facial hair was on point and they are tall dudes...except of course for Raekwon. What an auspicious beginning to my vacation.

What Have I Been Up To?

Last week I took part two of my vacation, part one was soo brief I felt like I really needed to go back...especially after the very stressful time leading up to my friends bridal shower. On Friday I went to the Beyonce concert. And on Sunday I chilled. My goal was to avoid having a conversation with anyone for the whole day. I don't know about you, but, I have been on the recieving end of a lot of really heavy ponderings and conversations recently and I was exhausted. I succeeded for the most part and it was glorious! The next few posts will take you through my last week.