Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dominican Republic Trip Journal Part 2

Soundtrack: The Evolution of Robin Thicke

Scene: Turquoise water for as far as my eye can see. Palm trees molded by the waves and bent by the wind. I decided to commit to a walk along the beach each day. It's quite windy, but, it's a warm wind. And the sun is turning my penny brown skin a warm bronzey mocha chocolate color. It feels so good.

The water is chilly. I guess because it is December, but because of the heat, you get used to it really quick. I just listen to my music and take in all of the beauty. As I take in a deep breath and then exhale, I realize that in this moment, right here, I'm as happy as I could be.

I walked for about 2 miles, one going and one coming back. I was just singing along to the music, aloud. I didn't care if people heard me or thought I was crazy. But in reality, the beach was kind of mellow. There weren't many people out there.

Then I noticed it, boobs...everywhere. There were lots of women walking around, laying out and chilling sans tops. I had a fleeting thought to whip off my top also. When in Rome, right? Then I remembered that I can only handle one new thing at a time. LOL

To be continued...

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