Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daddy's Little Girls

I saw this movie last weekend. It was excellent. In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the previews, this is Tyler Perry's latest effort and the first one that does not feature Madea or Tyler. I'm not ashamed to say that was a big draw for me.

The biggest draw was the fact that Idris was in this one. I AM slightly ashamed at the way I sweat this man from afar. Good Lawd! Anyway, the movie was romantic comedy about a financially successful attorney, Gabrielle Union, that meets a hard working father of three with enough baby mama drama to give anyone pause. I like how Tyler creates these 'teachable moments' throughout the film. I just wonder if they are too obvious to be effective.

When we see Gabrielle's character on those horrible blind dates, you almost wonder if she is Penni Brown. When the 40 year old rapper that she went out with said that he wanted to suck the lips right off her face, I thought I'd just die! Has Tyler Perry been eavesdropping on my bad dates? And her response was so Penni-esque. I don't think I've seen Gabrielle in a better role. She gets a chance to show her comedic side and she's great at it.

Of course I can't say enough about Idris. He's awesome. But you knew I'd say that. I give the movie 2 thumbs up. Put it on your list.


The Value of a Woman


From: The Women's Valuation Society

I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?

The bad news?

Black women, the numbers are in and they show that your value has fallen to less than a nickel. This valuation may increase to as much as 25 cents per pound if you have visible white heritage. Due to high demand, we are offering as much as a dime for visible asian heritage. We don't care which kind of Asian. We just value the long shiny hair. The slanty eyes are a bonus, but we're not really willing to pay extra for that. Unfortunately, your value will not increase no matter how educated you are. But, any sort of drug or rehab attendance will decrease your value by at least 2 cents.

The good news is that white woman's value has been steadily increasing. You've had a great year, despite some minor setbacks(Britney). We are able to offer $100 per pound for those of you with a 'brazilian' booty. Yes, we know that Brazil has the highest population of African descendents outside of Africa. But, when we think of Brazil we'd prefer to think of Giselle Bundchen. For those of you with pancake booties, don't worry, with a set of implants, a la Pam Anderson, we'd be glad to price you at $95. We don't care that they are fake or that Pam looks like a troll without makeup. We're superficial and we've been brainwashed. So, just go with it. At the lower end of the spectrum, we can only offer $75 for those of you on drugs. Unfortunately, the erratic behavior associated with drug use reminds us too much of 'the sistahs'. So, we can not value you as highly. But, as soon as you come out of rehab and start acting like the white princess you are, we'll promptly increase your value to previous levels.

Now, if you are a dead, drug addict (prescription pills only) with a few kids and questionable paternity issues, we are able to offer $85 per pound. But, rest assured that as soon as the haze clears, we can elevate your value back up to your prior highest point in the last 5 years. With this in mind, we'd like to ask Anna Nicole's representative to withhold from contacting us until the first anniversary of her death.

Thank You...

The Women's Valuation Society


Black History or Black Music Month?

Am I the only one that feels like the majority of the specials on this month to celebrate Black History Month are all about Black Music? Last night I watched Paula Zahn Now. Her show was asking whether or not Hip Hop Music was poison. Hip Hop wasn't equated with poison until the stats began to show that 80% of the consumers were suburban white kids.

Lawd knows we can't have the little anglos listening to such horrid music. What is this world coming to? On the flip side, why haven't black parents asked this question? Is it because we want little Kevin to keep practicing his poetry, land a contract with a major label and get us out of this 1 BDR in the projects? But I digress...

Throughout the hour long show, I toggled between being furious and laughing hysterically. On the one hand, the pundits like to indict hip hop for it's misogynistic, violent and homophobic lyrics. The hip hop defenders have said over and over that if this music didn't sell so much, it would not be as prevalent. True statement. But, on the other hand, those same soccer mom hip hop haters have to point out who is buying the majority of hip hop music. It's their kids.

So, don't tell my people that they need to take responsibility for the messages they put out there. That's not your place. (That's my job. LOL) These haters need to check their own kids. Why would little Bobby rather listen to Snoop talk about being a pimp and keeping his ho's in check, rather than listen to Nas tell kids they can be what they want to be? I'll tell you why.

It's because the degrading, misogynistic, homophobic rap music reinforces the stereotypes perpetuated by the main stream. People forget that the same racist images that white people see in the media are seen by black people too.

(This is part of the reason I boycott so many tv shows, including the local news. I think it's all biased.)

If we are seeing these images, it's no wonder that we would begin to internalize them and express ourselves in a way that is counter productive. I'm not making excuses for us, we definately need to do better. I'm just sick and tired of the others pointing the finger at us, like they aren't the ones benefitting from our demise.

We need to wake up. I always say that perception is reality. The perception is that the majority of the movers and shakers in music are black. The Jay-Z's, the Puffy's, the JD's, the Russell Simmons'. And that's because we see them on tv all of the time. Between, BET, MTV, MTV2, VH1 Soul, and all the derivatives, we're inundated with the same images over and over again. That creates the PERCEPTION of overwhelming quantity. 'They're everywhere'. In most cases, these black moguls are checked and balanced by a board or shareholders or a label head that looks nothing like us. Don't you see? It's a game of smoke and mirrors and we're all too eager to keep running into the 'fun house'.

Like Laurence Fishburn says at the end of School Dayz..."WAAAAAAAKE UP"


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope this cold and icy Valentine's Day finds you in good health and spirits. I'd pretty much forgotten about this 'holiday' until my visit to CVS. Isn't it funny how when you get older some stuff just doesn't register as much with you anymore.

The interesting thing is that I'd been pondering the whole 'soul mate' debate over the past few weeks. Do soul mates exist? If they do, do you only get one per lifetime? Depending on where I've been in my life, I've stood on both sides of the soul mate fence. Today, right now, I believe in them. I do think you get one, but not everyone finds their 'one'. So, now, I think you can still live happily ever after with somebody that isn't your soul mate.

I think the difference with the soul mate is that the union is easy. Being around the person is effortless. Of course relationships can be challenging and surely soul mates disagree and break up sometimes, but, the connection between them is so strong, you just can't deny it. And if you're smart, you recognize it and work hard to preserve it.

So, here's to soul mates...finding them, keeping them, appreciating them.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday - The Calm Before the Storm

Well, our area is getting yet another winter weather advisory today. Tomorrow we're supposed to see snow, freezing rain, sleet and whatever else is included in a 'wintry mix'. I will definately be working from home if the roads look risky in the a.m.

The Alvin Ailey performance was incredible on Friday. My favorite piece is called Love Stories. It's a contemporary piece that begins with spoken words by Ailey himself, set to a thumping house music beat. Oh my goodness, it was hot! Everytime I see that piece I want to go straight to the club afterwards. Another segment was set to Stevie Wonder music. If you ever get the chance to go and check them out, go for it. Next month, I'm going to see Philadanco perform. Their performances are much cheaper and I figure their work is in the same vein as AA. I'll let you know. I'm on a quest to do something 'artsy' each month. That really feeds my soul.

Well, I've got to get back to work now. I'll check in again tomorrow.

Pray for a snow day...


Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Follies

It's been a while since I've been here. Alot has been going on in Penni World and since I didn't want to share and I can't be transparent in my posts, I figured I'd wait until the waves subsided. Here's the condensed version: Grandma was sick, she's better now; 2 flat tires; expired furnace; a few dates. Just life stuff.

As I said before, the waves have subsided and life is getting back to normal. I'm going to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater tonight at the Kennedy Center. This has become a February ritual for me. I think I've only missed one year since '02. I always come away from there feeling so inspired and rejuvenated. I'm really looking forward to it this year. I'll post a review next week.

I'm raving about the new Ile de Tahiti line at B&B Works. I thought the coconut and vanilla was the 'be all, end all'. That was until I tried the banana scent. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That stuff smells delish. If you're looking for a present for your honey, get her that. She'll love it and you'll love it too. And ladies, if you don't have a honey to buy it for you, treat yourself, you won't regret it. That banana scent ranks up there with the Bliss Vanilla & Bergamot and it's much cheaper.

I guess that's it...

Have a great weekend.