Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Obama Question

I've been sitting here reading all of the press on Barack Obama's recent visit to New Hampshire, a key election state. Many people are suggesting that he might make a run for the Presidency in '08. I can see why there's so much steam behind him. He has alot of the factors that make for a good Presidential candidate. He's handsome, intelligent, articulate, eloquent and half white. He's the type of black candidate to which mainstream america can relate.

I have to admit that I was enamored with him too. I heard about his campaign for ascendency from state office to Congress. I even donated money to that campaign...enough to get me on the Obama Christmas card list, but not enough to actually get invited to dinner. The first time I heard him speak in person, I realized what they were saying about him was true. He's got an aura about him that just draws you in. Plus, I appreciated that his wife was just as accomplished, if not more so by some standards, as he is.

But I don't want him to run for President. Politics has a way of corrupting and bastardizing good people. By it's very nature, the system is not geared for big wins. In fact, politics is a game of compromise.

"What do I have to do for you so that you'll do this thing for me?"
I think Barack has a powerful message of hope and inclusion. I don't want to see that message diluted at all. Pundits say that he's also not experienced enough for the job. To that I say, maybe. But, let's be real, could he really do worse than G-Dub Jr? I doubt it. Then, come the JFK comparisons. Everyone is so eager to have a central voice rise from the masses and Barack could be that. But, isn't it bad luck to compare him to a President that was assassinated shortly after his term began? While the mainstream can relate to his white side now, we all know that the minute he makes a mistake, they'll be talking about how Kenyans are known for being delinquent. LOL
Maybe I'm being selfish. I want to preserve the image that I've come to know and respect. I don't want to lose that. Plus, I know that the mainstream is notoriously fickle. Sure they love him now, but, I don't trust that.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You do not believe he practiced a little “Quid pro quo" while becoming a Senator?

The word on the street (cnn/cnbc/fox) ... He will make a good run. Will not have the long money for a successful national campaign. Is a likely candidate for VP on Hillary's ticket. If she wins.


Penni Brown said...

What do you think the quid was for the quo? I'm not arguing that he hasn't already made some compromises. I'm sure he has. But, I think the size of the compromise is directly proportionate to the prestige of the office...and it doesn't get any more prestigous than the oval shaped one. I also agree that he might not be able to pull the loot for a national campaign. But, I think he'd be torn to shreds before the election, thus diminishing his influence and credability.