Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dominican Republic Trip Journal Part 6

Tonight we decided to hit the club at the resort. It's called the Discotheque Bavaro. It's a nice looking club. There are little VIP booths you can sit in. When we arrived they were playing hip hop music. Then, the DJ mixed in a little Sean Paul, the one from Jamaica, not the Youngbloodz. Then, it was straight latin music for the next half hour or so. Some of the beats were banging, but, I was hoping for something that I'd halfway recognize. In addition, there weren't many people actually on the dance floor. If you've ever been to a mainstream club and seen everyone stand around the dance floor with drinks in hand and no intention of dancing, then, you get the picture.

There was a certain Soul Train element though. The club had dancers that wore these cute little star trek-esque outfits and they danced on podiums at the front of the club. The perception is that Latin Americans value a fuller female figure. That was not evidenced by the club dancers. They were all attractive and varying shades of brown but, the biggest was probably a size 6. I thought they looked great. But, I also thought it was interesting that even here, thin is more desirable.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. We all should have a theme song for each day. Size 6 huh. Interesting observation. How did most of the townsfolk look like?


Penni Brown said...

I highly recommend having a theme song for each day. I hadn't even planned on it. But, that's how it went down. The Dominicans that were not performing were regular sized women, I'll call them smediums, or marges. LOL For some reason, I expected the performers to be more voluptuous. But that wasn't the case.