Monday, July 30, 2007

Obama Watch

He's on the cover of VIBE magazine. I might actually buy it this month just to read the article. They say this is the first time VIBE has had a politician on its cover. What do you guys think? Where are the print media outlets that cater to our political needs? I'm sure there has to be some mag out there with this purpose. Unfortunately they don't carry it at my Borders or CVS. Let me know if you know of other print sources for this kind of info. The scans from the mag are in the link below...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Girbaud Doesn't Like You

In an article in the New York Observer the denim designer Francois Girbaud bemoaned his brands descent into hip hop culture. Check it out...

I especially love when he says that you can go to Puffy, Russell Simmons and Dame Dash for hip hop wear.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hot Ghetto Mess

What do you think of this show? If it's come on already, have you watched it? Have you checked out the website that started it all? There has been so much rumbling surrounding this show and I don't have to tell you that I was a little turned off by the title. So, before I could form an opinion about it, I had to check out the website. There are no words. Y'all check it out and tell me what you think?


Monday, July 23, 2007

If I Were a Superhero... power would be telekinesis and my theme song would be STRONGER by Kanye. Is anybody else in love with that song?? I love Daft Punk and when I heard that sample in Kanye's song, I went crazy. I HAVE to dance when I hear it.

So, last weekend I went white water rafting down the Potomac. It was quite a workout, the place we went this time was in Harpers Ferry. The first time I went to a spot out in PA. The water was a little rougher out there. I would suggest you try it.

I'm going to watch the Stronger video now.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes We're Our Own Worst Enemy

I was reading an article in Newsweek about Barak Obama's presidential campaign and how easily he traverses the racial divide. He's been criticized by many black leaders for not being 'black enough'. They say, 'How could a man with a Kenyan father and raised by a white middle american mother be really black?' As a people we are quick to call out someone that we think is not holding it down for 'the people'. But, do we even know what it means to be black?

If a white person were to attribute certain stereotypes to our ethnicity, we'd be up in arms and ready to get the NAACP on their asses. For example, 'they' can't say anything about our hair, nappy, conked, fried dyed and laid to the side and destined to always be short without us getting up in arms. But, we've got 'leaders' like Al Sharpton walking around with a press and curl because James Brown told him to do so and we embrace him without question. (If you've never heard the story, James Brown was a mentor/father figure of Sharptons. Early on in their acquaintance James suggested that Al keep the hairstyle until the event of James' death.) THEY can't attribute promiscuity or adultery to us but, when President Clinton was caught with his hands in the cookie jar and LIED about it, WE were quick to assign him the title, 'First Black President'. What does that say about us? When Clinton was campaigning he was known to hit jazz spots and pull out his saxaphone for 'jam sessions' whenever, wherever. Not once do I remember anyone in our community saying this man wasn't 'Black enough'. He is white and he got more of a black pass than Obama is getting by some of our Black 'Leaders'.

I know that Obama's mixed heritage is part of his appeal to white america. But, we are quick to claim mixed people in our community. In fact, we are OFFENDED when a person who even seems like they could be part black doesn't acknowledge us. Unlike the Colin Powells, and the Condoleezas this man has never diminished or denied his heritage. Condi would have us believe that her childhood growing up in the 50s deep south was nothing but empowering and magical. How can that be? Clearly she's from the old school. Before 'I'm Black and I'm proud', before anybody had any 'Dreams'. She hails from a time where the black middle class wanted to distance themselves from the common black folk and assimilate to the best of their ability into the white mainstream. Obama is no Condi.

Our forefathers fought specifically for us to be able to attend the best schools so that the best opportunities would become available to us. Obama has benefited from that fight. Yet, we have trouble identifying with him. Why is that? However, when Jesse Jackson ran for President, I don't remember people saying that he shouldn't run because he's 'inexperienced'. One of my friends used that red herring to justify her reasoning for why Obama couldn’t win. I don't think experience comes into play unless you're black. On the flip side, Bush is super 'experienced' (especially if nepotism counts as experience) and look how well that's working for us. I think just because Obama can traverse easily between mainstream America and our world, he's infinitely more experienced than a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Why isn't anyone offended that Jesse assumes that we won't be able to follow his speeches unless they have rhymes in them. What the hell is that? I listen to rap music so all of my information must come in via 8 bar and 16 bar chunks? Why do we let people pander to our worst stereotypes instead of choosing someone that will elevate us?? I'm not saying Obama will make the best President. I don't have enough information yet to decide. But, I'm NOT going to discount him because he happens to be the only candidate that looks a little like me.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Miami 07 - Pt. 3

June 29th -

So where can you get a good pedicure around here? We figured there should be some good options on Lincoln Road. After some random shopping we ended up at Aveda. That's where I go for my brows, so, I figured this was a good bet. My person was awesome, I warned her that I was super ticklish. She was able to buff my feet without one wince from me. I was grateful. By the time we'd gotten to the salon, we'd been walking for hours. This in addition to the morning run. My legs were like rubber, so this was an especially good treat. Nu's lady was not nearly as accomodating when it came to the buffing. I was just waiting for Nu to accidently kick her person in the face when she was getting her feet buffed. I could just imagine the woman's painted on eyebrows smeared all over her forehead. That would not have been pretty.

So, as we're walking back, we run into this very neatly dressed, non-ghettorazzi young man. He was promoting a party at one of the popular clubs. We're all about getting our dance on, so we were listening. Then, he showed us the flyer. On the front were pictures of 4 scantily clad, bodacious black women. So, I look at the flyer, then look at the guy.
'Are these women going to be at the party?'
'I don't have ANYTHING in my luggage that would make me look like these women.' I tried to hand the flyer back to him.
'I don't think I'll fit in at this party.'
'Nah, you'll fit in. You should come out.'
Now, just to end the conversation, I say, 'Ok'

Nu and I look at each other, thinking 'You think? Maybe.'

Eventually, we dragged our way back to the hotel and found a spot at the pool. I'm all for chillin in the sun, but, at that hour, it was like a spotlight beaming down on me. I tried to make it work, but, eventually I had to head for my room.

...more later

Miami 07 - Pt. 2

June 29th

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain. I guess my outdoor workout will have to wait. So, I went back to sleep for a few more hours. When I got back up again, it was nearly 10am. The sun was shining through an overcast sky and the beach was calling my name. In no time flat, I donned my workout gear, hooked up my HR monitor and went for it. We jog/walked for about 3 miles, almost to the most southern end of the beach. It wasn't that hot out but that didn't stop the sun from coloring my skin, leaving an outline around my clothes. I'm amped, y'all know I LOVE the sun.

On my agenda for the rest of the day is a pedicure, maybe a massage or body polish and some more buffalo shrimp from Grillfish. It's funny that I had to come all the way to Miami to become addicted to food from a restaurant back home.

However, the first stop was breakfast at Jerry's Deli. My spinach, turkey sausage and egg white omelette was the bomb! Nap anyone?


Miami 07 - Pt. 1

June 28th

Right now I'm sitting in the airport in Raleigh waiting for my flight to MIA to board. This waiting room is getting super loud. Too noisy to concentrate on my James Patterson book. In fact, I've read and re-read the same passage four times already. So, I've pulled out my iPod to give myself a diversion. Have you ever played that music quiz game that comes standard? It's fun, I may have to hook this up to my home stereo and use this as a party game. It's like a modern version of 'Name that Tune'.

I'm soo looking forward to some quality R&R this weekend and I'm geeked that we're going the weekend before the the ghettorazzi invade the town for the holiday. The only thing that has me down is my bloat. Could this be stress related? I hope so because bloat will NOT look cute in my bikini.