Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stuck in My Mind

It usually takes me a while to process a thing. To that end, a concept or phrase may get stuck in my mind and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out why I can't just swallow it. Usually, it's because the phrase or concept frames something I've encountered or it could be the perfect rejoinder to something I've been told.

Lately, I've been chewing on this...

"You can't con an honest man."

This was spoken by Mickey on one of my favorite shows, Hustle. It comes on AMC. It's a great show about a group of con artists in the UK. They're smart and cunning. Mickey spoke these words when they were about to hustle a man out of a boat load of money. Part of the con was tricking the man into thinking he was participating in a very lucrative but, technically illegal, investment deal. They told the man that the deal was technically illegal, but blinded by the $$ he said that he didn't care and agreed to give them his dough. Of course, he got got. But, 'you can't con an honest man'.

I thought that was so simple, but profound and true. How many times have we tried to get over or beat the system and ended up getting got instead? And how many times have you seen someone try to get over, get got and then have the nerve to get mad about it? You've just got to chalk that up to the game. You just played and lost.

For whatever reason, that's resonating with me lately. Maybe now that I've written about it, I'll figure out why soon.


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