Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Out & About - 8/5/06

I have a friend that is considering dating a white guy. She's black. It's 2006, it shouldn't be a big deal, but, for her, it is. Will people stare at them when they go out? You know, that whole bit. So, while me and another girlfriend of mine were at Lauriole Plaza on Saturday night, we decided to count the number of interracial couples we saw.

Ok, between the chips & salsa and margarita swirls, it was hard to focus on much. But, we did notice a few couples. Later on we headed to Sequoia's and on the way there, walking through Georgetown, we saw quite a few more. Maybe this thing isn't as taboo anymore. Did all these women see Sanaa Lathan's movie Something New and decide to open up their options? Whatever makes you happy is what I say. You can spend a lifetime worrying about what other people think. Just don't date someone of another race thinking they are going to be totally different than the folks in your race. No, all white girls are not easy and docile. No all black girls are not uptight with attitudes. All black guys are not players and all white guys are not sensitive. Get over the stereotype and get on with life.

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news2me said...

Penni, truer words haven't been spoken. I'm so tired of my sistahs and sisterfriends (those that are close to me, who I roll through, who I'd fight for and fight with) acting like they are beholden to black men and closing the door to wonderful men - who happen not to be black. The numbers just don't support that - it's just not enough black men to go around. And it's OK. Let's just face the truth. Black women are in a situation now where we have to make our net a WHOLE LOT wider to attract/catch/strategically place ourselves around men of all races/nationalities. I hope we're not caught up in what other people think. It would be a shame to have lived all these years, but by other people's rules and objections. We're grown and if we sit here and wonder what other people think about who we like or who we love, then where's the truth in that? I was talking to my sisterfriend the other day and you know what she said to me? That people don't want the truth. That people SAY they want the truth and might even ACT like they want the truth, but they don't really. Truth is, penni, you're right. We have to get over the stereotypes - and one more thing: sistahs, if you're out at Border's and you pick up the same book and start previewing it and laughing and the gentlemen standing beside you is doing the same thing, invite him to join you for a refreshment at that snazzy little shop they have - whether he's black or NOT!