Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Cold Hard Truth

Have we become so politically correct that we are not being true to ourselves?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about how we use all these euphamisms to turn our negatives into positives.

She's not fat, she's 'curvy'.

He's not fat, he's 'stocky' or a 'big guy'. Now after watching Celebrity Fit Club, let's just keep it real, Bone Crusher is fat. really really fat. not big boned as he likes to say.

Now, if she thinks she's curvy and not fat, is she going to work out? Is she going to eat properly? Take care of her health? Doesn't she still look in the mirror and see a fat girl? Won't her inner voice be in competition with what she's presenting?

And it's not just about size. We have all these different names for 'dark' skin. If being dark isn't bad, why do we need a zillion euphamisms for it. Mocha, Chocolate, Toasty Caramel with Honey Chips, etc. All that's doing is making me hungry. But you know what? Maybe that's getting into a much deeper darker chocolatey issue that should have it's own blog entry. LOL

I was fired from a job once. I wasn't let go or layed off. I was unceremoniously fired. Escorted out with my stuff in a trash bag. No euphamism is going to make that day seem less humiliating.

I was dumped once too. We didn't break up. He just pretended that I didn't exist. For 2 years. hahaha (he eventually came back - the water under the bridge was frozen by then though - but that's a story for another post) Calling it anything other than what it was would diminish the growth that I experienced trying to get through that situation.

What are some other negatives that we try to dress up with pretty words?


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