Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How Do You Wear Your Faith?

Yesterday as I was working through the series of incidents that prompted my rant, I asked God to make me tougher so that these kinds of things wouldn't affect me so much. I also tried to figure out exactly what it is about the woman that insulted me, that really gets under my skin. Then, it hit me. When she tries to compete with me and when she talks to me condescendingly, she does it all 'In Jesus' Name…Amen'. The incongruity of behaving negatively toward someone you consider a friend while rationalizing that you are 'just doing God's work.' Just doesn't sit well with me.

Then, I got to thinking about how I wear my faith. For me, it's like one of my Lacoste polo shirts. Modest, traditional and good quality. The logo is small enough that you have to get pretty close to see if it's real. Unless your close to me, you wouldn't know that I go to church nearly every Sunday, that I take tithing seriously or that I give money to causes I support and I give my time when I'm not being a workaholic. I still struggle with lots of things, like most believers do. I'm far from perfect.

There are some that think I should wear my faith like a Fubu sweatshirt. Extra large logo, bright color, you can see it from a mile away. I don't fault anyone that wears their faith in this way, it's just not for me. I'm not comfortable drawing that much attention. These people think this is a good way to witness to a large number of people. I'd rather witness to 100 people one at a time versus all at once. That's just me though. I think there's room for both types.

Then, there are those that wear their faith like a Gucci logo'd ball gown. Those in the know, know that Gucci doesn't make logo'd ball gowns. However, these believers are loud and get a lot of attention all 'in Jesus' name…Amen'. Those not in the know don't realize that they are transparent. Everyone has a different path toward salvation so, I can't knock someone for donning this ostentatious representation. This may just be part of their transformation.

I'm sure there are many more ways to wear your faith. These are only a few examples. After processing my feelings, I realized that even though the Gucci girl insults and offends me, I will continue to hold my tongue. Maybe in some weird way it's flattering that she has chosen me as a target. I am going to distance myself from her before she spills something on my nice polo shirt. :-)



Anonymous said...

I believe sometimes God places folks in our paths to expose our boundaries and sometimes stretch them. Her lesson could have been that is ok to tone down to FUBU and your lesson could have been to tone up to FUBU. Not to change you both to FUBU, but to add it to your wardrobes.

Just a thought.


Penni Brown said...

Interesting perspective. It looks like you interpreted what I wrote as FUBU being the middle ground. Whereas, what I meant was that FUBU is the opposite of my style and the third example exists in a parallel universe. LOL But, I totally get your point.