Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is

Last night, the finale for the Keyshia Cole reality series aired on BET. I was NOT a fan of hers AT ALL when her first single came out. The song, 'I Should Have Cheated' didn't appeal to me and in my mind didn't really seperate her from the pack. I had seen the video for 'I Changed My Mind' months before and again, something about her presentation and imaging just didn't speak to me. I had the chance to hear her CD though, and I reconsidered my position. (Although, I still think she could use a good stylist). So, by the time her show came on BET I was a fan.

I think the show did a good job of breaking through the hard exterior and getting to what she's really about. I love the way she tries to be there for her family and I think she's really smart to understand that she can't change them. Some people spend years going down that road only to be frustrated and depleted. She's also bright enough to know that she can't allow them to sabotage her achievements. Her mother is a recovering crack addict and her sister is in the beginning stages of alcoholism. She could've easily been one of those people that grows up and 'forgets' where she came from. She's the cutest one in her family but never seems to act like it. I love that about her. I don't know what her real age is, but, she comes across as very mature and grounded.

Alot of people hate that song 'LOVE'. She does that funny thing with her voice on the chorus. It's unconventional but it's hard to deny the emotion in her voice. Everyone can't love everything I guess. But, she's got me as a fan. I also respect her struggle. When I hear middle class people complaining about their middle class issues, I think about the obstacles that face some people and how they're able to overcome them. They're attitude seems to be, 'It is what it is.' Why complain? I like that.


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Luv said...

Hey Penni. It's your boy. I checked out the KC show, once. I dig the realism but i'm still not a die hard fan. What, no Wednesday entry?