Monday, November 27, 2006

The Wire Episode #49

Incredible. I know I've said a zillion times how awesome this show is. But, each week I'm soo blown away. "It don't get no realer, son."

Politics - The investigator can't uncover the bodies because of the stats.

F the Police - You're gonna look out for me? For me? You got my back, huh? Last line of the episode. Is there any wonder why people are afraid to 'do the right thing'?

Namond's mom - Is she off the hook or what? She called her only child every name but a child of God. He's just not cut out for 'the game' and God bless him for it. Hopefully Bunny can rescue him. He's still redeemable.

Good Michael/Bad Michael - His plot line breaks my heart the most. This is what happens to a smart young man when life shows him that he can't trust anyone but himself. The damage is immeasurable.

I think there's only one more episode in this season. Usually at the end of each season we get some kind of closure on at least one of the main plot lines. I don't see that happening in Episode 50. That makes me so sad. But, that's life, you don't get always get closure...or a happy ending.


P.S. Was that security guard Robert Erlich?


Anonymous said...

Yes it was Erlich.


Penni Brown said...

Thanks for the confirmation. I thought that was him. How funny. LOL

Anonymous said...

The season is over. The last episode had some wow moments. The corner boys. Bubbles. Man, what am I going to do now?


Penni Brown said...

You just couldn't wait until I posted about episode #50 could you??? LOL I was soo sad to see what happened to bubbles and bodie. It seems like this season was just a gear-up for next season.