Monday, November 06, 2006

Low Key This Year

My birthday is coming up and I've gotten alot of messages from people asking me what I'm doing this year because they want to be included. Back in the day my friends and I would throw pretty elaborate birthday combinations. We have fall birthdays and we loved to plan combined events to maximize the fun and minimize the cost. Last year, I decided that I wasn't having birthdays anymore. I watched this show featuring Mariah Carey and she said that she has 'Anniversaries' instead. I instantly loved that idea and adapted it to my own life. So, this will be my second anniversary.

This year, all I really want to do is go rollerskating and get dressed up to go out to eat. I'm playing it low key this year. After a certain number of birthdays don't you have all the stuff you want already anyway?

Oh, but don't sleep, I'm still taking off a day of work. I said I was going low key. Not non-existent.


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