Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Wire #45

I watched episode 45 of the Wire last night. I won't spoil it for anyone but, I think it's pretty obvious that Michael has been abused which explains his standoffish attitude towards Cutty. I think young Randy is gonna get killed once everyone finds out that he's been snitching. Speaking of Randy, his last name is Wagstaff, when Method Man was on the show, his last name was Wagstaff too. Is Randy his son?

I'll end now so that I don't give anything away for everyone that'll be watching the show on Sunday. Post comments after you've seen it.



Anonymous said...

Good read on Michael PB. I hope that he does not turn to Marlo for help. I feel sorry for all of the school boys except for Namond. Yeah I know he’s a product of his environment. He is still a lil punk to me. Randy’s bio on links him to an eastside drug dealer. With the same last name, that’s Meth’s character. I hate the fact that Randy is compelled to “snitch” out of the fear of losing his foster home.

No one is perfect on the wire. We the viewers have to decide on whose flaws are tolerable than the others.

Bunk, flawed but funny.


Penni Brown said...

WA thanks for posting - The promos surely made it seem like Michael is going to Marlo for backup. That would be a problem. I feel bad for Randy, he's just digging himself into a hole but, I can understand his rationale. Just trying to survive.

Bunk is definately flawed - wouldn't it be a shocker if we found out that he's gay. His hypermasculinity and womanizing seem a little off.