Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope this new year finds you in good health and spirit. How did you bring in the new year? I went to church that night. It was awesome. It's so funny, b/c I spent the better part of 3 days leading up to NYE trying to figure out what I would do that night. I had a couple of date invitations, one house party invite or the always appealing, stay at home option. I think NYE is like the prom. There are so many expectations placed on this one night that it can't possibly live up to all of them. I was just not interested in spending such an important night with a date that I wasn't really feeling. And the notion of chillin at a house party where I only know a few people wasn't that attractive either. So, at almost the last minute, I decided to go to the Watch Light service at church. Of course the service was outstanding. The singing, the messages, everything. It was a great way to start my year.

I can't believe I'm back at work. I thoroughly enjoyed my week off. Aside from seeing Dream Girls, I finally caught Casino Royale. I thought it was really good. I caught up on some TV too.

My resolutions were simple this year...in theory.

#1 - No soda. I LOVE carbonation and Diet Coke is my bubble of choice. This is going to be a real challenge for me. I'm not a big juice drinker. Too much sugar. I drink plenty of water, but that gets boring after a while.

#2 - No apparel shopping. This is going to be really difficult. But, I just have to claim the victory on this one. My wardrobe is extensive enough to clothe a small country of small people. I have stuff that I bought months ago, with tags still on it. I don't NEED anything new to wear. To ramp up for this, I did a little bit of shopping last week for things that I might need next year. I bought some Rock and Republic skinny jeans, a couple of new all weather suits, and a couple of work dresses. It's my plan to rock this stuff, in addition to what I already had in my closet, for the year. I'll keep you posted as I go through my symptoms of withdrawal. Pray for me!


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