Thursday, January 25, 2007

The DC Auto Show 2007

So, a friend invited me to the DC Auto Show Preview night on Tuesday. I had been wanting to go, so I was amped. Plus, on preview night, it's free food and open bar.

Maybe you've been to an auto show before and you know what to expect. But, this was my first time. So, I spent all day surfing the net for pictures of concept cars and rare rides that I hoped to see at the show. At the top of my list of course was the Maybach Exelsor, that's what Jay-Z is pushing in the Lost Ones video. The car is not 'new' though, I think it came out in '05. But, it's wicked.

Ok, there was no Maybach exhibit but, all the usual players were there. The new Mercedes and Jags were there. There was also a cool JEEP exhibit called Camp Jeep or something like that, where you could ride shotgun in a JEEP through this rollercoaster-like floor display. RM, why didn't we stand in line for that???

We saw a few concept cars that looked really slick. But, the big draw was the luxury car section. The Lambo, Ferrari and Phantom were all there just mocking me. LOL People were waiting in line to get a picture next to each of them. Call me crazy, but, I only want a picture of me in front of a luxury car when I'm driving that joint off the lot. So, I'll wait for my photo op.

Another cool exhibit was at Nissan...I think. They had a little setup where you could tape your own commercial. Then, they burned a copy for you on a DVD. It was funny watching this one man. He had all this mouth when he was standing in line, but, as soon as the camera and lights turned on, he looked like a scared duck. Hilarious.

In addition to the cars, there will be 'celebrity' appearances on each day. So, you might want to plan your visit based on who's gonna be there. More info can be found at the link below.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have fun!'s been 2 weeks.

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