Friday, January 12, 2007

TGIF in Houston

I woke up this morning to a slightly overcast 68 degrees. I soo love this weather. But, this has been a really long week. I am looking forward to getting on that plane and snoozing til landing. After this trip I think I'll be taking a hiatus from Tex-Mex for a while. I've had enough this week to last me for a long time.

So, last night I did my walk around the Galleria mall and I ran into this rapper. I didn't know who he was, but, he was close-talking me. I hate that. Anyway, his stuff is on iTunes and he has a myspace. Who knows he might be the next Slim Thug, I'll post his info next week. Then, if he blows up, you'll be able to say that you heard it hear first.

Another big thing this week was that Houston won the game against LA. We watched that game at the Fox Sports Bar at the Galleria. This seemed like the spot to be, lots of attractive black professionals just chillin. It was a good time.

I had to suspend my shopping ban. I have to buy a t-shirt from French Connection everytime I visit a new city. Even though, I've been to H-Town before, there wasn't a French Connection in the mall on my last visit. So, now I can add my new 'FCUK in Houston' shirt to my collection. So, far I've got 'FCUK in Vegas'. In Miami I was a 'HUSTLER'. It was so funny because my boss saw my bag and asked, 'What did you buy?' I showed him the shirt and said, 'Now, I can FCUK for almost a whole week.' He nearly died laughing. Luckily we have a great casual rapport.

Well, I'm about to head out to catch my flight. Have a great weekend. I'll be back in Fentyville on Tuesday.


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