Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Man & Wife About to Blow Up

I tried to put y'all onto Fat Man Scoop and his wife Shanda's podcast called Man & Wife a little while ago. Well it seems that MTV loves the show as much as I do and is offering a deal to the couple. Read about it...

Fatman Scoop and Wife Shanda Sign TV Development and First-Look DVD and
Publishing Deal with MTV for 'Man and Wife'

Wednesday June 6, 11:39 am ET
NEW YORK, June 6--

Fatman Scoop, made famous by his booming baritone DJ voice, and
his instantly likable wife, Shanda, have closed a television development deal,
and first-look book and DVD deal with MTV: Music Television based on the
internationally popular online "Man And Wife" show, available at
The television development and first- look deals are designed to take advantage
of the full power of MTV's multiplatform brand reach.

Decadent, colorfully raw and born completely out of their marriage, Scoop and wife,
Shanda, created "Man And Wife" to give the audience an interactive and
insightful role into a steamy, wild and naughty relationship.
"Fatman Scoop and Shanda are not only made for each other but are made for television," said
Tony DiSanto, Executive Vice President, MTV Series Development & Animation.
"Their hilarious and frank discussions could help usher in a new era of public
discourse on everything from sex and sexuality to romance in a committed
relationship and bring Scoop and Shanda to an even wider audience."

"Fatman Scoop and Shanda have created a rabid fan base as a result of their hilarious, fresh, and truthful take on relationships," said Jeff Yapp, Executive Vice
President of Program Enterprises for MTV Networks Music Group. "We think their
irreverence will translate incredibly well to the book and DVD world."

"Man and Wife" breaks new ground as the first of their kind married couple in the
hip-hop genre discussing Sex, money, Sex, relationships, Sex, jobs, Sex,
politics, Sex, marriage ... and yes, Sex! The show, launched earlier this year
as a weekly pod cast, recently reached the 3 million viewer mark.

"One night, when I was in bed talking to Shanda, I realized my own wife was witty,
funny and sharp," said Fatman Scoop. "My manager Charlie Stettler loved the
concept and brought producer/director and web entrepreneur Alex Lasky on board
and 'Man And Wife' was born! Now we want to bring our expertise to an even wider
audience and we think MTV offers the perfect way to connect with today's

The episode where Scoop gets his blood drawn had me in tears. It was hysterical. I can't imagine how they will be able to sanitize the show for a regular cable audience and still maintain the funny. Part of the reason the show works is because they are so off the cuff.

So, check out the show now before it goes downhill. New episodes are available every Friday.


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