Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Get You Bodied - Bmore is #2!

B-more Careful is not only a clever play on the popular Baltimore nickname and the name of an urban lit book, it is also a warning now. Baltimore was ranked as the second deadliest city in the nation. The nations's deadliest city is Detroit. Now, what do these two cities have in common?

A generation or two ago, both cities relied heavily on the manufacturing industry for opportunities to boost the middle class. Once those manufacturing jobs were gone, both cities became full of have's and have-nots. Bmore has been struggling with low literacy, high teen pregnancy rates, high HIV/AIDS rates, high unemployment for years. It's enough to make a person think things are pretty hopeless.

When people highlight statistics like this, some of us get defensive and want to point the finger back at 'the man' or some other force that keeps us down. I'm not interested in doing that. I'm bummed out about the stats, but, they just make me more determined than ever to help at least one person. We can point fingers all day, but ultimately we are the only ones that can change ourselves, right?

What's your take, how can we turn Baltimore around?


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Anonymous said...

As the saying goes “Think globally, Act locally”

A good number of people in Baltimore are underexposed. They are just unaware of what opportunities exist inside and outside of the city. And those who are aware simply move on without looking back.

What can we do? Look back. Share resources and opportunities. Some people do not even realize that the same resources that are available for you and me exist for them.
We have to become responsible role models for young adults.

We have the ability to bridge the gap. Especially if we all are from the same block. We just have to do it.