Monday, June 11, 2007

47 is the new 27

I went to see Damon Wayons on Saturday. He was doing his stand up comedy at the Warner Theater. My face kept transitioning from a shocked 'I can't believe he said that.' to 'Oh my goodness, I can't stop face hurts.' That, all combined with the fact that as a 47 year old man his physique is flawless. It was a great show.

Now for the haters, you could blame his fitness on the money. Sure, he's a celeb, he's rich, he's got the money to stay in shape. But sitting in an audience with a ton of men in his age group and younger and seeing very few that could look down and see their feet, I was impressed.

He covered many topics, including Barack in the White House. 'You know once he gets in office, they're going to blame him for everything that's gone wrong in this country since slavery.' 'Obama's the one that put the hole in the ozone layer.' He also talked about his divorce and how men cope or don't cope with heartbreak. 'So, I tried to commit suicide, I just put that pillow over my head and tried to smother myself.'

It was a very full show and I'm glad I went. If you ever get the opportunity to see him live, go for it.


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