Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Monday

I took a much needed rest this weekend. It was fabulous! I caught up on my Battlestar Gallactica episodes on On Demand. I washed 6 loads of clothes, finally returned those things sitting by my door, bought a new iron and hung out with my girl. Pretty chill and uneventful.

Then the weirdest thing happened. First, let me give you the backstory. Rewind the clock to the early spring. He was rude, I called him on it. He wasn't trying to hear me. We broke up and it wasn't pleasant. In the interim, no contact in either direction. Until Saturday, he sends a text message, 'Can I borrow a dvd?'. When I saw the message, I was confused. Surely homeboy wasn't sending me a text after 6 months of not ask for one of my dvd's. So, you're probably wondering how I replied. I thought of a few really clever quips but, I didn't send them. Afterall, I don't respond to messages from strangers. LOL I think this storyline might develop further, I'll post what happens.

What was the dvd? Does it matter? You can get basically any DVD you want from Target nowadays.

That was just really random.


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Anonymous said...

You got 10pts for watching the Wire. Now you are about to get 50pts for watching Battlestar Gallactica. I will not mention the other notes about you on your blog. Let us just say the point system is about to be rewritten.