Thursday, July 05, 2007

Miami 07 - Pt. 1

June 28th

Right now I'm sitting in the airport in Raleigh waiting for my flight to MIA to board. This waiting room is getting super loud. Too noisy to concentrate on my James Patterson book. In fact, I've read and re-read the same passage four times already. So, I've pulled out my iPod to give myself a diversion. Have you ever played that music quiz game that comes standard? It's fun, I may have to hook this up to my home stereo and use this as a party game. It's like a modern version of 'Name that Tune'.

I'm soo looking forward to some quality R&R this weekend and I'm geeked that we're going the weekend before the the ghettorazzi invade the town for the holiday. The only thing that has me down is my bloat. Could this be stress related? I hope so because bloat will NOT look cute in my bikini.

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