Thursday, July 05, 2007

Miami 07 - Pt. 3

June 29th -

So where can you get a good pedicure around here? We figured there should be some good options on Lincoln Road. After some random shopping we ended up at Aveda. That's where I go for my brows, so, I figured this was a good bet. My person was awesome, I warned her that I was super ticklish. She was able to buff my feet without one wince from me. I was grateful. By the time we'd gotten to the salon, we'd been walking for hours. This in addition to the morning run. My legs were like rubber, so this was an especially good treat. Nu's lady was not nearly as accomodating when it came to the buffing. I was just waiting for Nu to accidently kick her person in the face when she was getting her feet buffed. I could just imagine the woman's painted on eyebrows smeared all over her forehead. That would not have been pretty.

So, as we're walking back, we run into this very neatly dressed, non-ghettorazzi young man. He was promoting a party at one of the popular clubs. We're all about getting our dance on, so we were listening. Then, he showed us the flyer. On the front were pictures of 4 scantily clad, bodacious black women. So, I look at the flyer, then look at the guy.
'Are these women going to be at the party?'
'I don't have ANYTHING in my luggage that would make me look like these women.' I tried to hand the flyer back to him.
'I don't think I'll fit in at this party.'
'Nah, you'll fit in. You should come out.'
Now, just to end the conversation, I say, 'Ok'

Nu and I look at each other, thinking 'You think? Maybe.'

Eventually, we dragged our way back to the hotel and found a spot at the pool. I'm all for chillin in the sun, but, at that hour, it was like a spotlight beaming down on me. I tried to make it work, but, eventually I had to head for my room.

...more later


Anonymous said...

The pedicure action made me laugh out loud. Gotta be careful when you're ticklish!!!! It can be a beast!

thehoustongirl said...

*Watis for more Penni Brown posts!!!*