Monday, July 23, 2007

If I Were a Superhero... power would be telekinesis and my theme song would be STRONGER by Kanye. Is anybody else in love with that song?? I love Daft Punk and when I heard that sample in Kanye's song, I went crazy. I HAVE to dance when I hear it.

So, last weekend I went white water rafting down the Potomac. It was quite a workout, the place we went this time was in Harpers Ferry. The first time I went to a spot out in PA. The water was a little rougher out there. I would suggest you try it.

I'm going to watch the Stronger video now.



Anonymous said...

YO!! I was at the K Street Lounge last night, sixth oldest person there, and they played your song. The crowd got HYPED!!! Apparently there are a lot of Superheros out there .. :-)

Go cop Common’s new album .. heard its hot.


Penni Brown said...

I'm telling you, that song is the BIZNESS!!!!

I'm going to listen to it now...

Common is my celebrity future baby daddy, of course his CD is on my download list. :-)