Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is it about spring...

...that makes you just sit at your desk all day and just daydream. In school, we'd call it senior-itis. What do you call it when you've been OUT of school almost as long as you were IN school???

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the Jamie Foxx concert but, it was postponed. Kinda disappointing. I hope they reschedule it for a time when I can make it.

Remember when we took that long lunch and went to Ben's Chili Bowl? Nothing Even Matters came on the radio and we couldn't leave until we'd sung the entire song, very loud while sitting on those swirly stools? Remember when we wouldn't even have conversations with people that didn't 'get' L-Boogie?

What about a few years later when we thought that there were two kinds of people in the world...those that 'get' Jill Scott and those that don't. LOL

Remember when we'd dress up to go to happy hours because we didn't want people to know that we didn't have jobs? And how about everyone getting on our case about napping? Don't people know that stress is EXHAUSTING?! How about when we saw Boris and I had to call my mama...LOL

What about when we went to King's Dominion and you were upset because we wouldn't have time to stand in line to get on that kiddie ride...because we'd stood in line 3 times to get on Outer Limits.

How about when we went to that spot with sweater vest guy, then the next night we were at the party with Pharrell? Are you ever too old to dance on tables? Remember the way I flipped the script on Mr.NYC? Yeah, hanging with a male model is nice, but, uh, what can you do for me?

How about when any Get Rich or Die Tryin' track would instantly get our butts shakin? And how about when they stopped all of a sudden...

I can't forget about our crazy parties. How is it that we can get all these people to keep on doing all the crazy stuff that we tell them? And how crazy are we for coming up with some of those schemes?

We have definately had some good times. I've got a feeling that this is going to be another one of those years y'all. Are you ready? Oh and no faking...yep, I'm talkin to you. :-)


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