Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight Savings 07

They should rename Daylight Savings Time to Lose Sleep Time. As much as I love the longer hours of daylight, I absolutely hate losing any kind of sleep. But, this morning, my quick-fire snooze trigger could be attributed to the action packed weekend I had.

I spent the weekend in New York. We went up there to catch The Color Purple (TCP) but, managed to get in some sightseeing and a wee bit of shopping. (Oh, that New Year's resolution about no more shopping was broken a while ago. :-)) We made our plans just a few weeks ago so, finding a hotel in the city was next to impossible. Actually, finding a suitable hotel (I'm acknowledging my bougie-ness) at a suitable price (and my cheapness) was the challenge. So, we stayed in NJ this time. My exposure to the NY Transit system has been limited at best, but, after this weekend, you may as well call me J-Lo b/c I'm all about the 6. I was even giving other people directions. LOL 'Oh you need to get uptown, to 51st? You can take the 4 or 5, the 6 will put you at Grand Central.' Y'all know all I need is a little bit of knowledge about a thing and I'm all geeked to share it.

So, what did I buy? I got these really cute shoes (surely you're not surprised). They're really understated. No obvious logo and a pretty caramel color and I haven't seen them at the Lacoste store here or anyplace else for that matter. You know I got a great deal b/c I was at Century 21. I also got one of those big purses and some tank/undies combos. A girl can't have enough of those. I really wanted to hit Bloomies b/c they just started this new Brow Bar. You can go and get your eyebrows done on the spot. And it's only $21. Lawd knows these caterpillars crawling on my face need some taming. But, we didn't have time to make it up there. We did eat at the Brooklyn Diner. That was the best food I've had in a very long time, but the dessert was not stellar at all.

TCP was very good. We had great seats. I guess I must be the only person that didn't know it was a musical. I mean, I knew there would be singing. But, for the first 30 minutes, I was like, 'is anybody going to talk in this thing?' And what's with making everyone line up outside? It's not like it's a general admission event. Why couldn't we just file in and take our seats as we arrived? I didn't get that.

By the time I got back last night, it was already 11pm. I was too tired for words, I could barely drag myself into the bed. So, you can imagine how disgruntled I was to have to wake up an hour earlier this morning.

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