Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope this cold and icy Valentine's Day finds you in good health and spirits. I'd pretty much forgotten about this 'holiday' until my visit to CVS. Isn't it funny how when you get older some stuff just doesn't register as much with you anymore.

The interesting thing is that I'd been pondering the whole 'soul mate' debate over the past few weeks. Do soul mates exist? If they do, do you only get one per lifetime? Depending on where I've been in my life, I've stood on both sides of the soul mate fence. Today, right now, I believe in them. I do think you get one, but not everyone finds their 'one'. So, now, I think you can still live happily ever after with somebody that isn't your soul mate.

I think the difference with the soul mate is that the union is easy. Being around the person is effortless. Of course relationships can be challenging and surely soul mates disagree and break up sometimes, but, the connection between them is so strong, you just can't deny it. And if you're smart, you recognize it and work hard to preserve it.

So, here's to soul mates...finding them, keeping them, appreciating them.



Anonymous said...

I too agree that everyone has a soul mate. Unfortunately, not all are privy to actually come across that person in life. Yet, some will get multiple opportunities. Is this chance or fate? The sad part is if you do not realize in time or agree to test the waters, you may always wonder, "What if?"

Anonymous said...

Do soul mates exist? That’s a good question.

Some say good relationships come with trials and tribulations. But how much is enough? You're bound to develop some kind of bond after spending a lot time and effort on any relationship. That bond to some can be a soul mate connection and others a mild case of "Stockholm syndrome". To me time and hard work is another way of saying, "Love the one you with".

The other question is how can you tell? Pending on were people are in life their "radar" can be totally off. People often overlook genuine connections for superficial ones. Men are definitely guilty of focusing on playmates and no trying to find a soul mate. I my self in the past spent to much time focusing on what was lacking and not recognizing genuine connections.


Penni Brown said...

Thanks for posting Anonymous and WA.

WA - Now, I'm going to have to look up Stockholm syndrome. Thanks alot! :-)

How much is enough? That's the age old question isn't it? Rel'ships are a challenge whether or not you're with your soul mate. I don't know how I feel about loving the one your with. I don't want someone to love me just b/c I'm the one they got stuck with.

How can you tell? I think you just know.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I watched this movie during my church annual men's retreat the other weekend. Very interesting. Kind of West coast centric.

You should order it. I am interested in hearing your interpretation of this movie.


Penni Brown said...

Thanks for the link WA. I looked at the trailer and I've got to admit, I'm soo not interested in seeing another movie that's going to make me feel bad for being single. I don't want to hear that all the good men are on the DL, or that most of the women like me die single.

I'm going to try to keep an open mind though. I'll let you know my thoughts after viewing it.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know everything about you. However, I don’t think you fit with the women that were included in this movie. Most of them were the long hair West Coast types. They didn’t have that Penni Brown vibe. Their points of views were very insightful nonetheless.

I definitely don’t want this to be a downer for you. So I’ll understand if you skip it.