Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daddy's Little Girls

I saw this movie last weekend. It was excellent. In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the previews, this is Tyler Perry's latest effort and the first one that does not feature Madea or Tyler. I'm not ashamed to say that was a big draw for me.

The biggest draw was the fact that Idris was in this one. I AM slightly ashamed at the way I sweat this man from afar. Good Lawd! Anyway, the movie was romantic comedy about a financially successful attorney, Gabrielle Union, that meets a hard working father of three with enough baby mama drama to give anyone pause. I like how Tyler creates these 'teachable moments' throughout the film. I just wonder if they are too obvious to be effective.

When we see Gabrielle's character on those horrible blind dates, you almost wonder if she is Penni Brown. When the 40 year old rapper that she went out with said that he wanted to suck the lips right off her face, I thought I'd just die! Has Tyler Perry been eavesdropping on my bad dates? And her response was so Penni-esque. I don't think I've seen Gabrielle in a better role. She gets a chance to show her comedic side and she's great at it.

Of course I can't say enough about Idris. He's awesome. But you knew I'd say that. I give the movie 2 thumbs up. Put it on your list.



Anonymous said...

Is Tyler Perry the new Spike Lee?


Penni Brown said...

I don't think Tyler Perry is close to the new Spike Lee. Tyler's method of getting you to pay attention is very easy and mellow. He's not trying to shock you. And his work is geared directly to Black America. Spike was put in the 'black box' because he's black. But, alot of his work was commentary geared toward white america. His work also had shock value that is non-existent in Tyler's work. I think John Singleton is more similar to Spike in subject matter and tone.

Anonymous said...

I see your point. Their messages are different. The fighting scene with the whole neighborhood reminded me of “Do the Right Thing”.


Penni Brown said...

WA - I can see how you would correlate the two fight scenes. Don't you wish folks in the 'hood would ban together and beat up the dealers like that in real life?