Thursday, September 07, 2006

Schqueeek!! Schqueeek!!

So, last week I got these new shoes for work. I usually wear heels everyday and while that looks good, it was becoming murder on my calves. So, I went on a search for some fashionable but comfy shoes. I settled on these brown Kenneth Cole/Reaction wedges. The wedge heel gave me the height I need for my slacks, while feeling like clouds on my feet. I was soo excited that I planned to go back and get them in black in a few weeks. The first day I wore them, life was grand. On the second day, I realized that maybe they were too big. I wear a 6.5 and these shoes are a 6.5 but, they kinda slide off the back of my feet. Still, I held strong, better to have a shoe that's too big, than one that is too small, right?

Then came the sound...Schqueeek!! Schqueeek!!

I looked behind me to see where that noise was coming from. Was one of my co-workers playing a prank on me?

Schqueeek!! Schqueeek!!

Then, I looked down and noticed that the sound was coming from my feet. My shoes were making this noise that sounded like wet sneakers sloshing about. Schqueeek!! Schqueeek!!

Still, I held strong with my new favorite shoes. Besides, I'd worn them, I can't take them back now. So, I tried to remedy the situation by walking reeaaaaaaaaaly slow.


Or maybe walk faster...

Schquk!! Schquk!!
Schquk!! Schquk!!
Schquk!! Schquk!!

Nothing is going to help my noisy shoes. So, I'll just sit at my desk all day.

Nope, I'm not going out for lunch today.

Nah, I don't want to walk over to CVS.

It's cool. I'm fine...sitting right my cute...loud shoes.


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Luv said...

U truly do entertain me.