Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Time to Go!

So, I'm standing at my gate waiting for my plane to depart. This flight terminates in Turks & Caicos. I wish I were going there, but I guess Miami and the Keys will have to do. And so begins Part Deux of my Trip to Miami Joural.

This sequel begins with Method Man. Yep, Meth! As I'm watching the passengers de-plane, I see one guy that looks familiar. Then, I realize that he looks just like Method Man. My mind's jukebox instantly pulls out that Meth/Mary collaboration that we all love. As the guy files by me, I realize that he's not Meth...but, he's absolutely talking to Meth! The first guy had to be his brother. Swathed in 80s gold chains, beard well groomed, really tall and surprisingly clean cut, is the man himself. Then, I see, Raekwon - shorter and bucktoothed and definately round, Rza, Gza, then my favorite Pretty Tony comes out behind them.

Tommy Mattola,
lives on the road,
He lost his lady,
two months ago
Maybe he'll find her,
maybe he won't
Oh wonder that love
The Wu was definately in the building! I have no idea why they were in town, but, it was cool seeing them up close like that. They look just like they do on TV, only better groomed. The facial hair was on point and they are tall dudes...except of course for Raekwon. What an auspicious beginning to my vacation.

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Anonymous said...

LOL .. I have to put that record on my pod now ...
Scottfree and Chauncey, very upset
They're sick and tired of living in debt
Tired of roaches and tired of rats
I know they are over ....