Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is This Justice?

I've found yet another example of how fair our legal system is.

Michael Vick is getting the book thrown at him for hosting dog fights. While they are talking about letting Lindsay Lohan slide for those silly little cocaine possessions. WTF?? See, I told you all, the white female is valued above all else in our country.

Now, I get it. Dog fighting is bad. I have a dog and I would hate for something to happen to her. But, I also think she's a dog. She's not my child, we don't kiss on the lips, and if it came down to my family or her, the dog would have to go.

I also know that cocaine is a terrible drug. I know that girls that have boyfriends that sell crack can end up in jail for most of their lives (How many Kembas haven't gotten pardoned?). So, I just don't understand how when one person does a crime, he gets criminalized and loses his job and the powers that be seek to destroy his potential for future earnings. When another does something illegal she gets a ton of support from her colleagues emploring her to seek help and endorsement deals to get her back on track.

Oh wait, I do understand, when you're white, you're allowed to make mistakes. "No worries, just try not to let it happen again, ok?"

Read all about it in the link below. If this chick gets a measly 4 days in jail for getting caught with cocaine TWICE, I'm going to add her to my list of boycotted celebs. (Not that I was ever a huge fan anyway.)


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