Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

A young white British girl opened for Robin Thicke who opened for Beyonce. The girl, Katie, has a really soulful voice and great energy. She did about 3 or 4 songs. Robin Thicke has been touring for over a year now and it shows. His performance was soo much better than when he first started out. His voice was strong and clear. He performed most of the hits from his album and the crowd sang along with him for most of them.

Now here's the thing about the Beyonce Experience. Most of us have been exposed to it already. If you've seen her perform on an awards show, if you've watched the videos, you've experienced all that Beyonce has to offer. The great thing about her is that she never holds back. But, maybe that's also the curse. Live, you don't get anything that you haven't already gotten from her. There are no new dances, no unusual outfits, you've seen it all. I wish that wasn't the case.

If you're a fan, like me, this isn't a big deal. I was sitting close enough to the stage to see the little beads of sweat that formed on her face as she pranced on stage. For the frequently asked questions, here goes...Yes, she's as beautiful in person as she is on tv. Yes, her body is sick! I would say she's a very toned 6 or 8 at the most, which is still slim on her taller-than-the-average-woman frame.

We all know the girl can sing. There were no surprises there. One touch that I appreciated was how she segued from Dangerously In Love to Lyzell in e-flat. It was a nice touch and I'm sure she made Jill Scott proud. She toggled between her two solo albums and the Destiny's Child hits. We stood on our feet and sang along with everyone of them.

Beyonce's appeal was also evidenced by her audience, which included fans of every ethnic group. There were the cute black girls in the Freakum Dresses, the big girls, the abercrombie kids, the tatted up white rockers and the 'kids'. In our section, the Freakum Dresses got into a rumble with the big girls. I knew it was going to be a problem when this pretty petite girl in a dress barely long enough to cover her butt, decided to dance in the aisle. She obviously was feeling good and wanted to be seen. Well, the big girls did see her and they got tired of seeing her shaky her little booty in the aisle. Apparently she was told a few times to take her seat and get out of the aisle. One thing led to another and before I knew it, a crowd had formed around two women grabbing hair and slapping each other. It was crazy. The sad thing is that it took a while for security to come and break it up. It was really foul to see one of the big girl's friends run over to the brawl, land a punch on the cute girl and run back to her seat. That's just hate right there. The offending parties were escorted out of the section and we directed our focus back to the stage. I swear, you just can't take some people anywhere.

As for the concert, I had a great time. I feel like seeing her live was something I just had to do. I don't think I'll have to do it again though. Especially if she remains ever present on my tv.


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