Monday, October 04, 2010

Don't Get All Hyperdermic

Today, I'm working from home. The traffic was horrendous, so I made a u-turn and decided to camp out at my dining room table today.

So, I'm sitting here, doing my work with the TV on in the background. I know, don't judge me. One of 'the judges'* shows was on. A woman was suing her car maintenance man. In his rebuttal, he was describing the animated behavior the woman displayed in his place of business. He said, 'Yeah, your honor, she came in there all hyperdermic.'

The judge said, 'Was she hypodermic or hyper?'

'Yeah, hyper. Or whatever you want to call it.'

My advice to you this week is be easy and don't get all hyperdermic about stuff!


*the judges - my Grandma categorizes Judge Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Greg Mathis, etc as the judge shows. Judge Hatchett is 'that pretty judge'.

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