Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who's Your Go-To Person?

So, I just got off the phone with TNG and he asked me to do something that required a girlfriend caucus decision (at least in my mind).

I hung up with him and then picked up the phone to dial. But, like Ghostbusters, who was I going to call? Y'all already know about my limited (or concise - glass half full) cadre of friends. The first one, if I called her, the call would go straight to voicemail and by the time she got back to me, TNG might be history. The second, she'd say, 'I don't know girl. What do you think?' Uh, that's why I'm calling you! The third, she'd probably offer good advice...eventually. Usually, during one of my long stories (do I have that many?) her other line would ring and she'd have to call me back. There's nothing that can take the wind out of your sails better than that dayum call waiting.

Sure, they mean well. I can't be mad at them. People do have their own lives to live, right?

But, what about me?

Who's going to be my go-to person? Sure, TNG is cool and all. But, he's not my best girlfriend, nor do I want him to be. And I can't always wait until our weekly SATC happy hour to vet things with the girls. Somethings demand immediate attention.

Maybe I'm slow. Maybe you're not supposed to need a go-to person after a certain age. Have mine expired like that chocolate soymilk in my fridge?

Sure, I'm self sufficient. Does needing a go-to person mean that I'm not? I don't ask for advice often. Doesn't that count for something?

Maybe I can put an ad on Craig's list for an occasional go-to person. I wonder what the rates are for that. They sell everything on eBay, has anybody seen ads for a go-to person?

In the meantime, TNG is waiting for me to call him back with a response. I've got to go. I think my mom is home from work by now.


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Anonymous said...

Girl, I've been realizing that too. I, also, have a SHORT list of go-to's and I think that number just dwindled down to none. People have jobs, have other friends and although by no means do I think they have forgotten me, they just don't have time to conference in on the decision making as they used to (sucks when your a professional student and the others have decided to actually get jobs). I've been looking around at the few older women I know and I do think its a sad reality. From now on its gonna be "and then there was one" :-( Its character building though. Or that's what I tell myself when my calls go to voicemail or I endup listening to a rundown of why one discharged a patient just to have him die four hours later. C'est la vie!