Wednesday, June 18, 2008

African American Water Torture

So, there's this guy that I went out with a while ago. He was really nice, helpful, smart, good job, all the stuff a woman looks for. But, homeboy didn't even get to first base.

Talking to him was like sitting outside in a torrential downpour that happened one drop at a time.

Here's how today's convo went...

'How's your day going?'
'Pretty good, no complaints. Yours?'
'Yeah, I'm good.'
5 minute pause

'You have big plans for the evening?'
'Nope, no 'big' plans.'
'Ok, how about medium? LOL'
I'm not making this up, y'all!
'Nope, I'm chillin.'
5 minute pause

'We should have lunch or dinner or something soon.'
'Great. Whenever you are up to it. *wink*'

Just ask me out already!

This is the kind of guy that would ask you if he could kiss you. (and not in that BIG kind of way.) Dayum, if you have to ask, then maybe we don't need to be kissing. Are you going to ask me if it's ok to whip it out too?

Cheese N Crackers!

Isn't there a medium? One where the guy is not a player and not slow?



Luv said...

Sup Penni,

Dang! A convo with ole' boy sounds about as fun as watching paint dry. So tell me... do you have any "smedium" plans for talking to him anytime soon. LOL. Holla at your boy.

Penni Brown said...

Exactly! BOW-reeeng (sound it out)

No plans to talk to him or going out with him even if he does ever get the gumption to ask me. No need to waste my time or his.