Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Best Side

Remember back in the day, before you'd take a picture, you'd say to the photographer, 'Wait, make sure you get my best side.' and then you'd proceed to turn your face from side to side, testing out your right, then, left profile.

Now, when a woman wants to get her best side photographed properly, she turns away from the camera. Yep, you guessed it, she turns away from the camera, props her booty up and then tries to turn her head far enough toward the front so that enough of her face is in the picture to identify the proud owner of that illustrious backside.


Even girls with noassatall are doing this now. I saw a pic of Hef's girlfriend Kendra the other day online. Poor thing, had her back arched so much she darned near looked like a boomerang. I thought her little bobble head would surely pop right off after that much tension.

Imagine the kindergarten class photos that are a result of this trend: Most of the little boys are smiling (we all know boys stop smiling in photos somewhere around middle school) and all of the little girls are facing the back of the room.

I won't go on my rant about the ubiquity of misogynistic music videos, poor self esteem and similac. You all know the drill.

I'll just say STOP IT!

As my grandma would say, 'Have some pride about yourself!'

Are your assets really your best side?


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