Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't Call This a Comeback

Today is just one of those days. You know the kind where you're not really that productive at work for no good reason. I call this my in between time, one major phase finished and the next yet to begin. So, here I sit at my desk catching up on tv shows online.

I've also been looking online for things to do this weekend. Last weekend was so much fun. I went to this new restaurant in G'town called Red Ginger. It's a caribbean spot. Definately a great date spot. Kind of out of the way, small and intimate dining room and good food. The muse and I also went to the aquarium in B'more. He'd never been and I knew he'd love it. I was right. He's still talking about what a nice time he had. I think I racked up some major points with that one. It's fun in the beginning when your excited about racking up points, versus years in when you start losing them. But, it doesn't have to be that way, right?

Anyway, I'm into dresses now. I've been a dress girl for years, but, over the past few weeks, I've upgraded my dress game. I've decided to wear them for everything. I bought some new casual ones, some dressy ones and every situation in between. I consider myself a girly girl but, something about throwing on a little sundress just takes that up a notch.

Let me see what else is new? I've got the new Maroon 5, I'm going back to the DR, I've been running and this new girl in my office is trying to be my friend

I'll tell you about all of this in a minute...



Anonymous said...

Ok, I am drinking a little hater-ade right now. But I know (spring/summer) + (a good romance) = (a good time). So you can live a little before you return to us fans. :-)

Here is something that seems like it would be fun on a date:



Penni Brown said...

Is this the thing where you go around the city on segways? I think my dork-o-meter might explode if I did that. LOL