Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Get on the Bus!

What you do if you met someone that embodies 90% of your list? You know the list, the one where you keep track of qualities you'd like to have in a mate. So, this new person, is a dead ringer for someone very close to your ideal. Conventional wisdom would suggest that you'd be ecstatic...especially if that person thought you were just as great.

So, why is it that when we meet that person, the first thing we do is second guess it? You know, analyze everything they say for inconsistencies, push them away. Maybe your ideal didn't come at the right time, so you're just not prepared. Is it hubris to let this person get away, when the likes of which you haven't seen before and in your gut, know you won't see again? But, that's it isn't it?

It's just like catching a bus. Even if you've been standing at the bus stop everyday for hours waiting on one particular bus, when it comes, if you're not ready, something in you considers that, if this one came, then surely another one will. How many people have been standing out there, rain, snow, sleet and shine still waiting? Why is it so scary just to get on the bus and dig in your bag for bus fare once you're seated? What's the worst that could happen? The bus driver could kick you off the bus. But, he may just let you slide. Or, you borrow the change from someone and pay them back later.

Back in the day people would always say, if you miss the bus, don't worry another one will come along. I don't think that's true anymore. Quantity has never equalled quality. So, while you may see a dozen Z11's pass by, you don't know that 11 of them may not be clean, may not have available seats, and may have air and heat that doesn't work.

I contend that when you find the bus that has room for you, jump on it. Don't hesitate...and enjoy the ride.

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