Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rachel No

So, one of the reality shows that I have been sucked into is the Rachel Zoe project. I was drawn in because of the fabulous clothes. Let's face it her showroom is the closet of my dreams.

This season, I can barely stomach her though. In the beginning I thought her self deprecation and push and pull relationship with Rodger was interesting. Now, that self deprecation is more clearly categorized as self esteem issues. Sure, it must be ego blowing to be around all of these people that the magazines say are the most beautiful this or that, but Rachel basically fawns all over every tall, skinny mini that she comes in contact with. Its weird. I know they call it Hollyweird for a reason, but watching this show is like seeing broadcasts from Bizarro world.

I won't even mention the sadness that is her boney frame. You NEVER see her eating. There is lots of coffee but, Brad (her assistant) needs to get her a sandwich STAT!

In the most recent episode, she and her husband get into it because he wants to start a family and she keeps coming up with excuses for not getting it crackin'. If he stays with her past this year, I would be surprised.

Frankly, she'd probably be fine with him leaving, that way she could spend more time with her Chanel blazers without being under the gaze of his judgmental eye.


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