Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So How Do You Feel?

At around 11pm, when I first heard the numbers, my mouth just fell open. I had been expecting a very close race, so, imagine my surprise when Obama was doing laps on McCain. I felt victorious.

Then, I was frozen. I just sat there, in silence and stared at the screen. I felt amazed.

Then, my mom called me. She was crying. 'He did it Penni' she said. 'He did it! I'm just so happy.' I felt happy too.

Then, my eyes got a little misted. I felt overwhelmed.

Then, I saw my sorors and some other college kids at the AUC in Atlanta. Purple hats were bobbing through the crowd and gold boots were electrified.
I felt excited.

Then, I saw Jesse with tears streaming down his face. I felt grateful to him. Because even though it took him a while to come around to the new way of thinking about race and politics, he did put in a lot of work for my community and I can't discount that.

Then, I saw him and his family walk out on stage. I felt so proud. I couldn't stop noticing the number of times he and Michelle touched. They touch each other alot. It's odd to notice that. I think I notice it because it's in direct contrast with every other politician I've ever seen. Even Biden didn't touch his wife as much or in the way that Michelle and Barack touched. I mean at some points it seemed like he was letting her know that he was going to give it to her POTUS style later...and she replied with a flirty smile.

Then, I felt embarrassed. Because I caught myself thinking that they probably have quality sex often. I guarantee that this point will be brought up in the coming months in the media. It's so obvious that these two people genuinely like each other and are not just having a partnership to get the job done.

Then, I was back to feeling proud. His speech was well written and delivered. He set out to manage the expectations of the electorate, which I thought was a smart move. Let folks know up front that change doesn't happen overnight and this is just the first step.

So, that's how I felt.

How did/do you feel?



Anonymous said...

I’ve been downloading some of these covering pages and converting them to jpegs. They make excellent collages and posters.

**archived front pages from 11/05


Penni Brown said...

thanks for the link!