Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So, now that I've voted, I can finally exhale.


That felt so good.

For me exhaling also means trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my birthday next week, listening to my newest music purchases, catching up on my TV programs and basically falling back into my regular life.

I've been tracking the last minute deals for a trip next weekend. The jury is still out on whether or not I'll find something appealing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am listening to John Legend's Evolver and I love it! I know that I have a slight John Legend bias, but aside from that, I think this CD is pretty good from start to finish. I like it more than the last one and as much as the first. I wasn't expecting much, so maybe I was easy to please.

Although the best sneak hot CD this year was Ashanti's. That playlist got me through many miles of jogging this summer. If you haven't gotten it yet, you should. This is the CD that Kelly Rowland should've put out. But hey, Kelly is the bomb in the UK. I guess you have to plant seeds in nurturing soil and the UK is definately that for her. If Ashanti had worked on her dancing and stage presence, she would've been tough to beat this year.

Now that I have DVR, my whole TV watching life has changed. I don't plant myself on the couch at predetermined times anymore. I've been recording and saving The Game. I am loving this season. Girl Melanie is acting her @ss off lately. I might've been a fan of Sister/Sister if she was that good then. I wonder what's going to happen with Malik and Robin. I love that they are showing an athlete in an atypical relationship.

The other show that I've been getting into is True Blood. I won't spoil this week's episode for anyone that hasn't seen it, but, woah! I want to rent that movie She Moves because Tara is my new TV BFF. She's so honest and loyal and damaged and vulnerable all at the same time. I wish she'd get more roles. And on HDTV you can tell that her skin is absolutely FLAWLESS unfortunately Sookie's looks like grits.

I've been disappointed with Heroes, Dexter and Entourage this season. I can't wait until Tell Me You Love Me and The Tudors comes back.

I've only taken a couple of days off of my workout regimen. So far I feel tighter and I think I'm a third of the way to my goal, pounds and inches wise. It is soo much harder to get in shape when you're a bonafide grown up. I can't wait until I cross this particular finish line.

Well, that's all for now.



Anonymous said...

Tara just cracks me up. I knew that they could not have her acting nice for too long ..
Heroes .. The last episode was the best of the season so far.


Penni Brown said...

hahha I was too thru when she saw the witch doctor lady out of context.

I'll have to catch the last epi of heroes b/c I've been bored with it.