Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Didn't He Speak Up Before the Spins?

* Note * A video from Livesteez of Funkmaster Flex was here but I couldn't figure out how to turn the sound off, so I got rid of it. Go to Livesteez for the footage.

Back in the day, when I first found out about 'the tape' I decided to boycott R. Kelly. I was disgusted by his behavior and offended that so many of the DJs on urban radio (Mostly Men) did not publicly speak out, not only against R., but in DEFENSE of the young black woman that was exploited. There were all kinds of excuses, 'girls these days are fast.' 'she probably went after him.' 'these young girls are after that paper, so let her get pissed on.'

Now, your boy has been exonerated, found not guilty, totally innocent of all charges. I'm not surprised. After all, it was a young black girl in the video. If she was of ANY other race, R. would've been on the inside of a jail cell years ago. I'm not surprised that the majority of the black men in the hip hop community, at least the ones with the air time and the big voices, kept trying to give R. the benefit of the doubt. But, I'm saddened by it.

Funkmaster Flex, has come out with an open letter of sorts for your boy R. In the video he admits some culpability in the whole situation. There is no excuse for the fact that over the last 6 or 7 years since the charges were first filed, that R. has been 'allowed' to run urban radio airwaves with his music. Yes, he's talented. That is not being debated here.

But, my question to black men is this...if someone comes into YOUR house and violates your wife, sister or daughter, are you going to tell your her that she should just get over it, because the dude is so talented and rich. Maybe she should feel lucky?

And if your wife, sister or daughter is being or has been violated by some perv, but he's smooth and wiley, so she doesn't realize she's being played...are you going to continue to stand by and let it happen?

I think if R. was white, black men would've been all up in arms that some 'other' was coming into THEIR house stealing one of THEIR women and then degrading her. (something new) But, when it's one of your own, you look the other way.

Stop doing that please. Even if some women don't realize it, we need you to stand up and have our backs.

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J.R. Bernard said...

I think its true, had this defendant of his trial been Caucasian, he'd have been locked up.

With that being said, I think that this travesty is a reflection of how little society values the life of black women. The story of the young black woman that was kidnapped, raped, and tortured in West Virginia comes to mind.

It upsets me that justice is only afforded to those privileged enough to be protected by the law. Many times, it boils down to a question of whether you have the complexion for protection.