Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a Black Thing - You Wouldn't Understand!

Do y'all remember back in the day, when everyone was rocking shirts with that saying?

Remember when selling out meant trying to appeal to mainstream America and MC Hammer was the poster child for the term?

Remember when we weren't so eager to try to exploit ourselves and our culture to satisfy the junk food appetite of suburban teenagers?

Remember when the most popular rappers of the day dressed like college kids instead of like jailbirds?

Remember when Luke was considered risque, not a chauvinistic albeit harmless older dude?

I know there are some younger people that have only known a life of MTV and constant 'lifestyle' marketing...but occasionally I wonder, have we really 'progressed'?

On the one hand, I am happy that so many young people learned how to own their own dreams and learn how to capitalize off of their efforts. But, in the same vein, what have we given up to achieve the big bank accounts, and is it worth it?

Just a thought for now...


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