Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picking Boogers

So, I just started a new project this week and right now, I'm sitting in an orientation meeting with my new team. The program lead is sitting right next to me. It's awkward enough to have to make eye contact with someone sitting so close to me, as he discusses my role. What's worse is the fact that he has this dime sized flat white booger hanging from his left nostril.

It's staring at me!

Everytime I look up, there it is, calling my name, drawing my attention to it.

In my mind, I point at it and scream, 'ewww'.

But, what I really do is keep my head down and try to look ANYWHERE but to my right.

It looks dry, like a coconut flake. Mental note to wein myself off of coconut cake.

I guess I should be greatful that it doesn't look like guacamole.


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